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There’s this guy in my physics class and he’s gay and I don’t know if we both like each other or not but I’m really just trying to act cool around him and my friend thinks he and I banter at each other which I noticed today I did so that’s cool

I’m just going to rant really quick. 

I can’t stand all the things that has happened in my group of “friends.” There is so much apprehension and lies and lack of trust that I don’t know whether to keep fighting for my relationships, or it’s just time to move on. It saddens me so much that things are like this. I went out with a friend tonight and she pointed something that basically describes what has happened to all of us. She said that we were all so “cute” in the beginning, meaning that everything was perfect and innocent and unaware of the future possibilities. But now, we are all just so corrupt with the lack of honesty. How can we call each other “friends” if we can’t be open to one another? A true friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what. A true friend will never judge you for who you are. A true friend will worry about you because they care deeply about your well-being. A true friend is someone who wants to know about your personal life because it allows for them to connect and understand who you are. 

My question is: are we true friends? Are we genuine? Are we trustworthy? Am I going to feel comfortable around you? Are we always going to sit on the surface? Or are we ever going to try and dig a little deeper and discover what’s beneath everything?

I don’t know. I just want to have a nice talk with everyone in my group of “friends” and let everything out. 


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